Saturday, March 17, 2012


We decided to go for a family jog. About half way through our job Ave really wanted to get out and run around, so we let her. We started playing her favorite game. Monster. Normally Thad is the "monster" and he chases us. If he catches us it usually ends up in a tickle torture. She just kept running. We were up on ShoreLine Trail which has quite a few big, steep hills you have to climb. She would grab my hand and say, "Hurry Mommy, the Monster is gonna get us!" and then run up the hill squealing with delight. It was so much fun. She literally ran a full mile... In her gold sandals might I add. (Note to self, have Avalee wear running shoes when we take her on our jogs.)

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Trina said...

Such a cutie!!! I love this little one. Thanks for sharing your pics. Wish we had stayed to see her dance. So cute! She's looking so grown up!