Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lost wedding ring

Ave and I had just gotten home from running some errands. She didn't want to come inside. She wanted to stay and play in the car. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to vacuum and clean the car out a bit. As I started to vacuum, dog hair was getting stuck to the brush. I picked it off with my fingers, but then it was stuck to my hand. So what do I do? I start shaking my hand to get the hair off. My hands always shrink when I'm cold and my wedding ring literally slids right over my knuckles. I knew this. But for some reason I continued to shake my hand. Harder and harder trying to get the hair off. Suddenly, I felt my ring go flying. I instantly started to panic. I told Ave that that I had lost my wedding ring and we needed to ask Heavenly Father to help us find it. We knelt down and had a prayer. We spent the next half hour looking for it with no luck. I broke down and started to cry, which was totally counterproductive because you can't SEE very well when your crying. I called Thad pretty upset. He told me not to worry about it. We would find it. We would try again when he got home. It would be dark and we would use flashlights. He was hoping that the light would reflect off the ring and we would find it easily. A short while after that phone conversation it started to snow. I was in trouble. Ave and I went back outside with no luck. I was crying and my sweet little girl was concerned about her mommy. She kept saying, "Mommy you sad?" I would say "yea, I lost my wedding ring that Daddy gave me. It's so special to me and I can't find it" This small conversation happened over and over until Thad got home. He walked in the door and said, "Uh ohhh it's snowing outside." I walked over to him for a hug and whinned, "I knoooowwwwww!" Then he slowly opened his hand and said, "Good thing I found your ring huh!?" Relief washed over me! I couldn't believe it. He came home and spent less than 5 minutes out by the car and found my ring. I kept having the distinct impression throughout this whole process that my ring would be found by my husband when he got home and sure enough it was! I know that Heavenly Father really hears and answers our prayers. If it's important to us, it's important to him too.

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Trina said...

I love this story, I love how faithful you guys are. Thank you for reminding me how much Heavenly Father loves us. I love you guys!