Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring Cleaning

First of all let me say, Utah family and friends don't get your hopes up. This is just a SPRING CLEANING post. We are NOT moving home. YET...
Hawaii friends, don't worry. We won't be going anywhere for a while.

A few weeks ago I got into one of my cleaning modes and decided that it was time to "de junk", as my mother calls it, and get rid of all the stuff we don't use anymore.

The other day I was talking with my good friend, Erin and she told me that she did the same thing but instead of just giving all of her clothes away she decided to post them and has made a little bit of money to purchase new clothes. So I am politely borrowing her idea. (Don't worry, she knows I am doing this)

Everything below is for sale. Let me know if your interested in anything.
All of the clothing is $5

Size S
Charlotte Russe Size M

Merona sweater from Target! Size S
Charlotte Russe Size L (although runs small)
Size M
Size M

Tommy Hilfiger purse $5
Brand New never used Swiss Army backpack $50 Retails for $119.99
Fix It Software $15
Kitchen Sharpner $3
Baby Bottles $1 each and Nipples $3 a pack

Bright Stars Tummy Time Pad $5

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Camille said...

So did this work? I need to de-junk as well. How are you guys???