Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Late Valentines!

For Valentines this year, we got a babysitter, and went to the beach. Just me and my hubby! It was amazing, let me tell you. I felt so light as we were leaving the house. We only had a few beach towels in our hands and some water. I kept saying I feel like we are forgetting something. Probably because going to the beach usually involves a diaper bag, a cooler, a umbrella, a beach chair, towels, snacks, baby sunscreen and hat, etc. Thad and I waded out to goats island so we could have our own private beach. We walked around the island once we got there and spotted some whales, went for a nice swim together in a private cove and then hung out on the beach listening to some music. It was so much fun and the best part was it was FREE!
Lately Ave loves to hide from us. One morning Thad searched the house over and over again looking for her while I was at work. He couldn't find her anywhere. He started to panic a little because there isn't that many places she can be in our small apartment. He said the scariest part was that he called for her over and over but she wouldn't respond. He finally found her hiding in our closest quiet as a mouse.

My sweetheart made me the best V day dinner. Steaks, sweet potatoes, rolls, asparagus and sparkling grape juice. It was sooo good. And yes, those are homemade cards to each other.
I made White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake and it was a little slice of heaven, if I do say so myself.

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Trina said...

Summer share your recipe, it looks wonderful.