Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Catch of the YEAR!

Here is the man who shot this thing! Go Aaron!

While driving to Kaneohe the other day with Ave, Thad looked out into the ocean and called me immediately saying that the it was perfect conditions to go spearfishing, something he has been wanting to go and do for a while. How could I say no to my sweet husband who has turned into the housewife since graduating so I can keep working? I told him sure and he said ok I'll bring Ave back. I went on with my day watching Ave while doing a few meetings for work and working on transfers in the hale. He called Aaron Nelson, who is a pro at spearfishing, and off they went! During my day I thought to myself a few times, I really hope they catch some fish and have fun doing it. At about 530 when I was finished with all of my meetings and work obligations it was time for dinner. I grabbed Ave and her stroller and we were off to the cafe for dinner. I stopped by my RA office to talk to Megan for a bit and make sure things were running smooth. All of the sudden our door flies open and it's Thad with the most excited look on his face. He tells me to hurry and come out the side door and he runs off. I quickly grabbed the stroller and we went after him. Aaron had his truck and as I walked up to it I saw it... The BIGGEST fish I have ever seen! 52 whopping pounds to be exact! The boys were so excited about this catch. Aaron goes spearfishing all the time but this is the biggest catch he has ever got. It took 3 grown men and a good half an hour to reel this guy in. I'm so glad that Thad had fun and we will be eating fish for a while it looks like!


Trina said...

Wow! What on earth! How do you catch a fish like that with a spear? Congrats! You've got the biggest fish story in the family to tell. LOL

theniufamily said...

OH my gosh that is amazing! Maikeli saw the picture and was wishing he was there. You can see the excitement on Thad's face!

Roslyn said...

yay!! Love it!