Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas in Hawaii

Santa found us!
Ave was so excited to open all of her presents. We started at 9am. We let her open each one at her own pace. She played with her present and when she was ready she would crawl back over to the tree and pick another one. She opened her last present at 730PM.
We stayed in our PJ's all day and played with Ave's new toys, watched a movie, Skyped with both families, ate yummy food and took a few naps. It was the perfect Christmas.
Aunt Roz was so sweet! She mailed us a Christmas present. Rascal Flats and 27 dresses! Thanks Roz.
Ave playing with her toys. She got so many presents. She got a toy bus that sings The Wheels on the Bus song, a air ball shooter that shoots 3 balls down a slide and back up into the air while playing a song, a few books, some shoes, a small piano, a baton, a new Christmas outfit for church, a inner tube for the beach, a new car seat and a cute Leap Frog Dog that sings and says her name. She was such a good girl this past year as you can see! (Thanks to everyone who gave her presents!)
She was so excited for each present. New shoes!

Helping Mom open her present from Dad.

Thad got me tickets to go see the Broadway show CATS in Honolulu. Neither of us remember when we went out on a "real" date, so he thought for Christmas he would get me a hot date out on the town! We'll start with dinner at the cheesecake factory (I've never eaten there and have always wanted to) a romantic walk down Ala Moana Beach Walk and then onto CATS! I can't wait! Our big night out is next Thursday. I'll be posting pictures for sure! He also got me a awesome media card that will upload each picture I take right to our computer. It should make blogging so much easier!
Thad opening his Christmas present! I was so excited for him to open this.
I found this amazing back pack, with the help of a good friend, (Thanks Devin!) for his camera. It's so sweet! It has so many compartments for all of his lens, flashes, batteries, etc. He can wear it three different ways and no matter which way he wears it his camera is right at his fingertips and he never has to put his equipment down. So nice!

We also have been wanting to get away. Thad is such a camper so for Christmas I found this awesome tent for super cheap! I hope we can plan a trip soon and get away for a break.


Trina said...

This does sound like a perfect Christmas. I'm so glad you were able to spend the day together like that. We missed you though. :)

Roslyn said...

YAY for Christmas in Hawaii! It looks like Ave loved it. I thought it was so cool that she opened her presents at her own pace. I love hearing how you guys parent..Its those little things I miss hearing about!! XOXO Love you- Post about CATS and the Cheesecake Factory now :)