Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve

As tradition, we let Ave pick one Christmas present to open on Christmas Eve. She has been playing with this one present for weeks now and it was the first one she went for. It was from my mom and dad. She opened it and it was the whole collection of Baby Einstein DVD's. (Which she loves!) We couldn't believe my parents got her this. Thanks so much Mom and Dad! As you can see Ave was VERY happy with her present.
Ready to watch her new movies.
For Christmas Eve dinner we made Asian Chicken Salad with rolls. It was scrumptious!
We also made sugar cookies.
Ave loved them!
Time for a bubble bath

Opening her Christmas PJ's.
All warm and snuggly in her new jammie's!

She helped both of us open our Christmas Eve PJ's too.
She was very curious about Thad's pants, so...

We let her play in them. She loved it!
Last present to open before Santa comes.

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Trina said...

Such a darling family!!!!