Monday, December 6, 2010

Ave's FIRST birthday

Weighing in at 20lbs and 12 oz and 30 1/2 inches tall (98th percentile might I add) Avalee is ready to celebrate her very FIRST birthday! We spent all day baking and frosting cupcakes and decorating the house getting ready for her big party.
We had all sorts of different flavors, colors, and sizes of cupcakes for the special occasion and we drank Lime Rickey's! Yummy!
The decorations turned out so cute thanks to Brynn, Thad and Maikeli. Brynn and Maikeli came to stay with us. It was so much fun having them with us. I miss them already.
The birthday throne
Ave playing with Alicen. She's the closest thing we have to a Grandma out here.

Avalee got all sorts of presents! A small piano from Olga and David...
A swimming suit from Danielle, Joe and Hinalei...
I just loved her wide eyes in this picture. She was getting so much attention she wasn't sure how to take it all in.
and a "sparkely" bouncy ball from HyeWon.
We mixed her cupcake in a souffle bowl to make it twice as big as a normal cupcake and Jenna and Megan put all of their skills into decorating the top. It turned out so cute! The best part of course was watching Ave smear it everywhere and make a huge mess. She loved it!
All smiles for this purple party girl
I love this little girl more then words can describe.

After a quick bath and a Binky in the mouth, she was getting a little fussy with all the attention, we set her on the floor and she went straight to her baby grand piano and started playing. (That's from Mom and Dad. I found it on craigslist for a steal and couldn't resist getting it) It was so cute! Grandma Stott gave her a baby which she absolutely loves! The minute she opened it she pointed to it and said "Turtle" (she calls EVERYTHING turtle and then gave her a hug. It was so cute! We got that part on video camera. Grandma Powers gave her some new clothes and the cutest shirt that says my 1st birthday which she wore all day.


Jade said...

Oh cute cute cute! Love that decorations, the cupcake and mostly the girl. Thanks for all the updates! Thanksgiving made me hungry. Love you guys!

Trina said...

Oh fun birthday! You must have been making cupcakes all day. They're darling, the decorations are darling, and the baby is the best of all. What fun, sorry we missed it. Come Home!!!!