Monday, December 27, 2010

13 Months

My sweet little angel. Life is SO much fun with Avalee right now. She is at such a fun age. She is learning and growing so fast. Just today I was in her room hanging up her Sunday clothes and when I turned around she was up sitting in the rocking chair. I couldn't believe that she had gotten up there all by herself. Then she started smiling and moving her body back and forth to make the chair rock and squealing in delight.

The other morning I was getting ready and she reached into my make up bag, pulled out my mascara, and started twisting the top the opposite direction of the bottle. The lid started to unscrew and I had to quickly take it away from her. She protested of course, but how did she know that?

Most of the time when we go to change her diaper we say to her, "Let's change the bum" She is now walking around calling everything a "bum" We better start watching what we say.

She has learned how to fake smile and waves to everyone as we pass them in her stroller and blurts out "Hi!" She is quickly becoming one of the most popular girls here on BYUH campus.

She is walking all over the house and surprises me when she walks around a corner instead of crawling. I'm not use to seeing her up on her feet all the time.

She knows where her eye, head, nose, mouth and toes are. She is constantly pointing to her nose lately, because she has a cold. She will reach for a tissue and wipe her nose and then smile and clap her hands because she knows she is doing something smart.

Last night, she spilled some water on the carpet. I cleaned it up and left the towel over the wet spot. The next thing I know Ave has the towel in her hand and is wiping up the floor. So cute!

I love my sweet baby muffin more then words can describe and I am so thankful for her spirit and the joy she brings into our lives.


theniufamily said...

She is so cute and growing so fast. You have been such a good poster and I feel like I have missed so many. We are bummed we will not be there for New Year's because it's amazing in Laie! Hope you guys have fun.

Megs said...

Awww! I miss you guys so much! Tell Ave to stop growing so much, but if she wants to practice saying my name that is fine with me :)

Roslyn said...

aaaww!!! LOVE this post about AVEEEEee miss you!

Trina said...

Oh, I wish I could see her and watch her grow up. Hurry come home!!!

momap said...

Every picture and every bit of writing is so wonderful to read about your journey and love for your family. We love you and are so happy and proud of you all for all the hard work you have put in to achieve your goals....! see you in a month.