Sunday, August 8, 2010

We saw it!

Yesterday we drove to Kaneohe just to see the filming of Pirates. It was pretty exciting! No famous actors or anything but it was really cool. I don't think this is the Black Pearl though, it looks different and we heard it's the captains ship.
Today at church one of my friends told me that she saw Johnny Depp last night! Me and my friend, Court are totally going tonight to see if we can catch a glimpse.
Ave was such a trooper, it was really hot!
From afar
This huge square box in the air is called a filter. Thad taught me that. It's to give the actors just the right lighting while filming. Sweet!


Roslyn said...

Thank you for updating your blog so frequently. LOVE YOU!

Roslyn said...

btw, I am happy to see you wearing such a cute shirt(: I want to buy one in Avees size and send it to you!