Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Quite Crafty

A few weeks ago I was feeling like I needed to create something. I get in these moods quite often, but rarely have the chance to act on it. It was a relatively quite Saturday night, Ave just went to bed and Thad was watching TV, so I pulled out the fabric, hot glue gun, and book of matches and had at it. I really love making things, especially for Ave. It's so much fun! So here it is, some more flowers for her headbands. I LOVE this green one.
This little Miss Mae, is growing up so fast! That is one of the many nick names that I have for Ave. She is scooting around everywhere and is getting up on all fours and can go a few feet before falling down to her tummy. She rolls over, sits up, waves, points at things, smiles (on purpose) and loves to laugh. We started her on finger foods about 2 1/2 weeks ago and she absolutely loves feeding herself. I did have to put her on formula. She is growing so fast and my body can't produce enough milk for her no matter what I try. It's sad and the first time I feed her formula I got teary eyed but she is doing great. We love her so much.

Here are some of the flowers I made that night for Ave. They are so easy to make and fun too! I have some new ideas so I'll be posting those soon.
Another crafty idea. I was in charge of the enrichment activity a few weeks ago and one thing Thad and I struggle with is having FHE. So for enrichment I made copies out of a book that has great FHE ideas for newly weds and bought some cute jars and grabbed stickers, yarn, ribbon, markers and all sorts of paper to decorate our FHE jars. It was a huge success! Here is mine. It's so nice to be able to come home on a Monday night and just pull out your Family Home Evening lesson or activity. We love it!

We decided to go on a hike for FHE also. Hauula Loop Trail, it's awesome!

So beautiful. All three of us really enjoy getting out of the house and doing things outdoors. Somehow it always helps us feel closer to our Heavenly Father.

The troopers.

Ave was so tired after a hour of hiking. She finally passed out with her head bobbling all around. LIFE IS GOOD. REALLY GOOD.

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Trina said...

Sounds like lots of fun! She's so cute! Your flowers are really cute, we've been making flowers as well, I'll send you some. Cute family!