Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dragon's Nostrils

Last weekend we went for a hike with our good friends, Court and Garrett. "Aunt NeeNee and Uncle G" to Ave. She loves them so much and we are really blessed to have such awesome friends.
We hiked down a huge mountain to get to these two holes. At first it's no big deal until the tide rises and water comes shooting out. Hence the name, dragons nostrils

The long journey down the mountain
The ocean is just a few feet from the dragon's nostrils and the waves were crashing all around us. It was awesome!
Avalee is very adventurous for being only 8 months old
Court and Garrett getting sprayed by the waves
Thad is so artistic. I love how he got our reflection in this pic
The happy family

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Roslyn said...

I feel like every post you have made deserves a coment. Oh and BTW, if you could please go into your setings and turn OFF comment word verification, it would save me about 10 minutes each time I comment. HA hA! I cant believe how cool Hawaii is. I need to come see you!