Saturday, July 24, 2010

3rd wedding ring

Thad is on his third, yes THIRD wedding ring! The first one he lost on a camping trip with Shea in Utah and the second he lost snorkeling with my dad in Haunama Bay. He looked for both of those rings for at least a hour with no luck. We finally ordered him his third wedding ring and it's so nice to see him wearing one again. I don't think that he has learned his lesson. Today my friend Courtney came over and asked if I heard how Thad almost lost his wedding ring today. I said no and asked what happened. She explained that he was twirling it on a table with a umbrella holder but the umbrella wasn't in the hole and it fell down into the hole. He came back home and grabbed a hanger to fish it out. By some miracle he got it! He didn't tell me any of this and when I asked him he said he forgot! I'm not sure I believe that or not.... ha ha

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