Friday, May 7, 2010


This is our kitchen in our apartment. One of the first things out of the previous Hale moms mouth to me when we met was the kitchen has a awful sewage smell that comes and goes and we have no idea what it is! So after begging and pleading with housing they finally started to look into the problem and ended up ripping out kitchen sink and cabinets.
It has been a long week with all sorts of strange men in and out of our house and no access to our kitchen.
The culprit!
Here is the finished product. It's way nice and smells great. The only problem is notice the difference in the counter tops? They told us that they are knocking down our hale in 2 to 3 years and building new hales so they didn't want to spend the money on redoing the whole kitchen. We are very grateful for what we got and getting rid of that awful smell!


The Coy's said...

wow it looks great. Thats awesome that they fixed it for you!!

Jade said...

Wow looks so nice! I LOVE LOVE the new chair you guys upholstered.

Roslyn said...

WOW! I love that you are blogging again :) It makes me soo happy to hear what you are up to. I miss you guys so much!! Kiss your baby for me

theniufamily said...

Holy cow that kitchen is so nice! Well worth a week of renovations. I LOVE your chair. It looks so cute with the green! We miss you guys.