Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My New Life

The other day Thad and I were outside taking pictures of Ave and me. After looking through some of them, I couldn't help but pointing out all of my imperfections. My sweet sweet husband walked over to me with tears in his eyes, took my face in his hands and told me how beautiful I am. I felt overwhelmed. Am I really that pretty to him? How does he see that when all I see are flaws? The answer came clear and strong. He has a Christ like love for me.

I know that the worlds view has affected my perception of my image. My insitute teacher use to call Cosmo magazine "women's porn" because it makes us envy those size 2 women . On the outside they look perfect, but on the inside most of them are a wreck. They are so unhealthy and are far from being perfect. It's called AIRBRUSH people!

The other day one of the girls in the Hale told me about this video, "My New Life". I watched it and cried my eyes out. Be warned, it is a tear jerker. I cannot believe how strong and amazing this young woman is. She was badly burned in a plane crash and she talks about her experience. She talks about how hard it is for her as she gets ready in the morning and longs for that woman she used to be. Her looks are no longer the same. She says, "As women we long to be beautiful and attractive." She has a new perception of what true beauty is and goes on to talk about how this trial has turned into the biggest blessing in her life.

Heavenly Father created us in his image, therefore we are already perfect. It is a gift from him. We should cherish and be thankful for what we have been given. I am going to try and be better at loving me for me and not being so worried about how I look all the time. What a inspiration!


Jade said...

Isn't she so inspiring. I have been reading her blog for years and I am touched every single time I do.

skippylongjacket said...

I've followed her blog for some time now - she's amazing isn't she?

But you know I also think you're amazing! I'm sad you ever doubt yourself, you are beautiful both inside and out!