Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Congrats Grad!

My cute friend Court graduated online from Utah State. She worked so hard for about 5 years on getting her degree and graduated with a 3.8 GPA! We were so proud of her, we really wanted to surprise her with a party since she wasn't going to walk or have any pictures of her in a cap and gown. So we all put our heads together and devised a surprise party. We decorated with streamers, balloons, cake and ice cream. It was great!
The 3 happy couples. Isn't it weird that Thad is the shortest guy in this pic? Garrett and Lucas both play basketball, so that explains things. I promise Avalee's head is not cut off! She was asleep so Thad was holding her laying down. It looks funny though

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The Sandbergs said...

Such a good friend!!!