Saturday, March 27, 2010

More of the family vacation

How am I so blessed to have these two in my life? I learn so much from both of them everyday.
Avalee and Dadyy testing the water. She really enjoyed getting her toes wet.
We hiked up to the Lighthouse after a long day at Haunama Bay and it was perfect because as we were coming down the sun was setting and we got some really neat pictures!
It was so fun to have Trina and Lee stay with us. We really hope they can come back for Thad's graduation!
Thad is such a good daddy. It makes me fall in love with him even more every time I watch him with her.

Avalee was such a trooper the whole time the family was here. We drug her all over the island and she was so exhausted every night. I love her sweet crooked smile in this picture.
The top of the Lighthouse hike.

Haunama Bay.

The boys went out playing frisbee golf as usual but this time it was at night (don't ask how they play at night). When they came back Lee had a bloody fat lip. They told us how Lee went down to watch for the frisbees so they wouldn't loose them. As he was standing there watching and waiting for the others to throw, something hit him so hard in the face it almost knocked him down. He couldn't understand who or what hit him so hard. Sure enough it was a frisbee. Thad had thrown one of the disk golf drivers as hard as he could. These frisbees are heavy and sharp. They're designed to slice through the air. Apparently they do the same to lips. Bryce and Thad didn't yell a warning of "four" because they thought Lee was looking right at the frisbee and knew it was coming.

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Jade said...

So cute! Hey you got a backpack! I love Ave's little hair!