Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spitting Rock

After everyone left I was pretty sad so Thad, Ave and I decided to go around the island and see some new sites that we have been wanting to see. This is called Spitting Rock and the view is breath taking!

Family pic. Poor little Ave, her face is completely covered by her hat. I think I am overboard about her being in the sun. I keep sunblock on her constantly and she has to have a hat if we are going to be outside longer then a few minutes. Our friends let us borrow their back pack to carry Avee around in. It was such a HUGE help while the family was here. Thanks Susan and Aaron! We finally found one online and it should be arriving any day now.
The tide rises and forces the water to shoot out of this cave. It's really neat! You can't tell in these pics very well but you have to walk down the side of the cliff, like behind us in our pictures, but it's not as steep.

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Jade said...

Beautiful! The scenery and the family!