Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Lee

Yesterday was Lee's "39th" birthday, at least that's how old he told us he was turning. Trina and Lee went to the PCC for the day and after we all went to Kahuku Grill for their world famous coconut shrimp, which is so yummy. Then we sang happy birthday to Lee and had pineapple upside down cake. It's great to have family here and be able to celebrate these special events with them. We love it!
Two proud dad's.

I can't believe how blessed I am. I have the coolest mother in law and all of my sister in laws are such sweethearts. I miss having girl talk and it's been awesome catching up with these two.
Thad still loves to show off how strong Ave is. He never gets sick of it.
Mason and Ave talking and playing together. It's fun to watch them interact. Poor Mason has had a fever the last few days over 100 degrees. He has been such a trooper. He received a blessing from his dad, Uncle Thad and Grandpa last night and is doing much better already.


momap said...

OH the babies are so cute together. DOn't you wish you could slow down the time you are spending together. It makes me tear up to see you all. I cant' wait we will be with you in 4 weeks!! Love ya all

Carrie and Shane said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Lee! You're only 11 years older than I am. Who knew?
I have to say, Avalee and Mason look a lot alike. They are both beautiful babies.

Trina said...

I want to come back! I loved being there with you all, it's sooooo hard to get back to life here in Utah. We loved it there, and miss you like crazy already.

Jade said...

Love it! Thanks for the post! Love and miss you guys. Please please come home this summer. I can't stand not knowing my little niece. She is so cute!

Jade said...

And yes, it is a little disturbing that my dad is only 11 years older than me too :)

theniufamily said...

OK first of all I am LOVING your red swimsuit in the earlier post. So cute! And it's so cute to see Avalee with her little cousin. I am so glad you had fun with your family in town! However, we need to hang out as much as possible now!