Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy 4 Months Avalee

I still can't get over how big Ave is getting. Everyday she is doing something new. She has found her thumb and likes to suck on it. It seems every time I pull the camera out, she stops and looks at me like what?
She is also starting to figure out that she can move her hand when she tries. She looks at it so intently, opens and closes it a few times and then shoves it in her mouth as fast as she can. It's so funny! I will keep trying to catch her in action


Meagan said...

she is such a cutie!

Roslyn said...

Oh my baby!! I love this picture of her! And the one where she is sleeping in the backpack is precious :) thank you for being such a faithful blogger. It makes my day!!!

The Sandbergs said...

Ahhh! She is seriously getting so big! I love her in the chair on the counter top. Remember how we tried to make 2 separate batches of banana bread with like 5 bowls, a million ingredients, and her on the counter?! Good times.
P.S. I feel like I see you every day so I don't ever comment, but I just felt like it today. Ha.

Shea said...

Keep posting new pics, I need a healthy supply of wallpaper for my desktop.

Shan and Mike said...

She is absolutely adorable! You are such a good mommy.
p.s. how do you like the bumbo chair? we never got guy one, but I still wonder..