Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Haircuts for Haiti

As I watch the news, I am so saddened by the images I see and the stories I hear of the thousands of homeless and helpless people in Haiti. I feel so strongly that I need to be helping out in some way. As a new mother and a wife of a full time student, I feel helpless because my husband and I are poor college students with nothing to give. Through inspiration I realized that I do have something to give. I can give my time and my talents. I may not be able to physically go to Haiti to build homes and bandage wounds but with your help I can donate my talents in other ways. I need your help with a service project. I am a cosmetologist and have been cutting and coloring hair for over 5 years. You can help Haiti by allowing me to be your stylist for one month – the month of February. If you or anyone you know is willing to change your monthly routine and trust me with your hair, I will donate all of the proceeds to the LDS Church’s Humanitarian Services Emergency Response who will then use this money to help with the tragic events that have recently taken place in Haiti.

The first presidency has asked the members worldwide to help with the efforts in Haiti. (See video below) Here are some ways you can help in this service project:

-Set an appointment

-Donate money to the fund

-Donate your own time or talents to the project

-Spread the word


Trina said...

Summer, what a great idea. I wish I could come to Hawaii to have my hair done. I am so impressed with you, as always! Good luck!

Chandi said...

Awesome Summer!!! Way to go! I hope it is a success for you.

Meagan said...

I wish I was in Hawaii ... I would totally do it! Good For you Summer, you are awesome!

Jade said...

That is so cool. I wish I was close so I come to you!