Monday, January 25, 2010

The good stuff

Avee is growing so fast. We can't believe how strong she is. It's fun to watch Thad play with her. She is his favorite! Always smiling, cooing, and laughing when he talks to her. It's so cute. I just sit there and watch with the biggest smile on my face. Could I be any more blessed?When Avee was born she was a complete angel for the first few days of her life, hardly ever crying or fussing. Then we brought her home and it was a whole different story. She fussed all the time and cried most of the night. Thad would stay up with her to give me a break, but we could tell her tummy was really hurting her, but couldn't figure out why. While we were in Utah, Trina told us that Thad was ten times worse when he was a baby. She said looking back she thinks it was the milk in her diet that bothered him so much. Milk still hurts his tummy to this day. So out of desperation I took milk out of my diet and about 5 days later we had a totally different baby. Well, this week I thought I would try to introduce some dairy back into my diet and see how she did. We started with some pizza. Bad idea! The next few days she has been gassy, fussy and not able to sleep. I was having a hard time not being able to eat dairy, but after watching my poor babe in so much pain, it's much easier to make the sacrifice. I would do anything to keep her out of pain.
Here we are after a long sleepless night taking a nap. The only way she could sleep was on her tummy on me. I wonder where she gets sleeping with her mouth open from?? =)
Apparently Thad likes to take pictures of us sleeping. He said that when he woke up, he looked over at us and she had the biggest grin on her face, but then I moved and he only caught the half end of her smile.
Mom this post is for you. Look how cute my hair is! And I did it all by myself. The cute clip that Trina made for Avee helps it look even cuter! I already love having a daughter and borrowing her stuff.
Thad can always get a smile out of her. She LOVES him so much!
Our friends gave us this swing at a baby shower. At first, Ave didn't love it, but now we set her in it and turn it on and she passes right out. It's so nice!
Notice anything new in this picture??? We got a new stove... FINALLY! Our old stove kept turning off when we turned it on. It would take about twenty minutes to get it to stay on.


Trina said...

I just love it when you blog!!!! Thank you!!!!

The Coy's said...

Mason was the same way when he was little and loved sleeping on his tummy on me, for a while it was the only way he would sleep but i loved it!! Now he wont sleep on my tummy at all and i miss it! Mason had acid reflux so it was a little different but that would be so hard to go off milk. You are such a good mommy!!

theniufamily said...

Great update! Those sleepy pictures are so cute! And I love your hair like that. I am also very jealous of your new stove but your old one was way worse than mine.

mel said...

it's interesting that you said that she doesn't sleep very well at night if you have dairy in your diet. i think shalom might be the same way. i'll have to test it out for myself. she is looking so cute! i really hope it won't be too long until the next time we see you.

momap said...

Yes Summer your hair is so cute. See you don't need me after all :(
You are both so adorable sleeping. You would do anything for your baby huh! Wow now translate all that love into a teenage child that drives you crazy but you still want happiness for them IT is a heart breaker!