Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We are trying to be better at having FHE but have found it hard so we thought we'd invite some friends over for motivation. It was so fun! I made a yummy raspberry pie, they did the lesson and to top it off we played Ticket To Ride.
Dolly and Devin. Avee LOVES Dolly! It's so cute she just stares and smiles at her.
Helping dad and she did a great job, because they won.... OF COURSE! Thad always wins no matter how hard I try to beat him, it's really frustrating!


Trina said...

I know how it is to play with a Stott man, they didn't learn the lesson that they're supposed to let women and young children win sometimes. Sorry Sum! Looks like fun though.

momap said...

Yes Thad always wins!!!!!!! He is the best gamer for sure. Teach Avee so she can win for the GIRLS

momap said...

TECHNICAL support please. There are a bunch of pics that just have a little red x and NO pic in the box. Missing alot do you know WHY?