Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas Eve

All the grandkids together on Christmas Eve in there new jami's that grandma got them. Except Avee, her little outfit was too cute for me to change her and we still had to go over to Thad's families house so they could see her. We didn't take any pictures with Thad on Christmas Eve because he had the flu... Yuck!
Beau Beau loving on Avee
I miss my sisters so much! I wish I could pack them and bring them to Hawaii with me. Hopefully at least one of them will be coming to visit us this year!
I love this pic and aren't her little brown boots the cutest! Having a girl is so much fun to dress up like a little doll. I love it!
I love this pic of my dad with Avv and Livi.... and Livi's horse!
Grandma with her girls

So tired after opening all her presents and seeing two families

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kkcc said...

Ok, so that picture of you with your sisters... Are you sure you had a baby? YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!