Thursday, January 14, 2010

7 Weeks today

I can't believe our little girl is already 7 weeks today! It feels like time is flying by so fast. We went for a walk today and it was a little breezy so I wrapped her up in this cute blanket. It's actually a hooter hider/ car seat cover/ blanket that my aunt and cousins gave me. My cousin Jenny made it. I love it! It's so versatile.


The Russell Family said...

She is so beautiful! I think she looks like Thad but I am sure you hear lots of different stuff. You look so great, are you sure you just had a baby? :)

Trina said...

What a cute stroller and blanket, not to mention the beautiful baby! :)

Shan and Mike said...

Ah! You managed to have such a beautiful little girl. :) Great job mama