Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I LOVE free stuff

A few weeks ago I was bored at work and happened to check out the free section on craigslist. I totally lucked out and found this cute bassinet and baby bouncer! To top it off it was only a few miles down the road! I think we are ready for our precious little one to arrive.


Aaron & Susan said...

Sweet deal! And those look like they are in awesome shape still!!

Time for babygirl Stott to come out now!!

The Coy's said...

i cant wait!! Only 10 more days to go!! will you make sure Thad knows how to post so he can do it while you guys are in the hospital? :) i want to see my cute little niece ASAP!! keep us updated ok?

Steve and Candice said...

It was fun to see all pictures of you family visiting. I haven't seen your family in a long time!
It looks like you're about ready to pop any day now! You need to email me your address so I can get a gift out to you. You and Thad are going to be the best parents, I'm so excited for you guys!

theniufamily said...

So lucky! I feel like the free stuff is never good when I look.