Saturday, November 7, 2009

Finally on vacation in Hawaii

It was so much fun catching up with Uncle John & Aunt Jean

Me and my sweetie indulging in the biggest Mud Pie I have ever seen

Ko'Olina Resort was breath taking and had amazing sunsets

My dad kept saying how lucky we are to live in Hawaii, but having our family here on vacation with us is what makes us feel lucky. We miss everyone so much!

Surprise baby shower!!! I love the look on Thad's face. He's so happy that he surprised me. Such a sweet hubby I have.

These two sweet girls threw me a surprise baby shower! It was decorated so nice and had lots of yummy treats! They had been planning this for a while with the help of my husband, and coordinated it to fall on the week that my parents were here. I am so blessed to have some awesome friends here in Hawaii! Thanks Brynn and Jen!

There were so many girls at my baby shower! I didn't know I had this many people who loved and cared for me here!

My mom made this awesome quilt for our little one. It is so beautiful! I can't even imagine how much time, energy, love and patience went into this. All the right ingredients that I will need to be a great mom. I have been so blessed to have such a amazing teacher. Thanks mom!

I love this cute green bunny shirt!

My other awesome "mom" also spent hours making a baby cover for her carseat to keep her warm, comfy and keep the icky germs away when we're traveling. She also made tons of burp rags that are way too cute to use. This little one has the two best grandmas already!

My sweet friend Brynn made this blanket! I can't believe the time and effort put into this from her. She commutes 2 1/2 to 3 hours a day and works full time and still found time to make this. Isn't she amazing?

The treats were almost too pretty to eat..... ALMOST!

I was not expecting this at all! Thanks everyone for coming and all the awesome gifts!

Hanging out at our apartment

Yay! Finally Sunday dinner with family.

After church with the fam. My belly is getting really big!

Me and Aunt Jean at the beach

A day of fun at Haunama Bay. The guys spent the whole day out snorkeling. Thad didn't even stop to eat lunch he was having so much fun. He did manage to loose wedding ring #2 though. Opps!

My sweet hubby rubbing my back. He's always trying to help make me feel better

We ate at the famous Ted's Bakery and shared a piece of pie.

Kahuku Grill has the best coconut shrimp around and for the best price!

Acai bowls at Kava Roots on North Shore are famous! So I had to take them there to try them out. Of course they loved them! All the fresh fruit and granola, who wouldn't?


The Coy's said...

How much fun!! I'm glad your family was able to visit i wish i could again!! Who did that shower for you? It was amazing i love the decorations with the Hawaii flowers all over the place! i love your preggy belly too!

Trina said...

Oh I wish I could have been there for your shower. It was a beautiful shower. Looks like you have lots of friends, that's awesome. Oh my gosh, I love your quilt! It's amazing.

kkcc said...

cute stuff! Wish I could have been there at your shower. Our babies will be friends soon enough!

How you doing?

Sid and Karen said...

You are having so much fun without me! I'm so glad your parents could come to visit you! It must be hard at times without your mom there during all those pregnancy woes and wonders. You look darling! You must be entering that wonderful last month when you can't sleep, can't sit, can't stand, can't bend over to tie your shoes, can't see your feet anyway when you stand up, and you can't wait!!!! Good luck Sum and Thad. Such exciting times for your. I love the name Mae as a middle name. If Jaxon was a girl, we were going to do that after Grandma Shirle too, but his middle name is Henrie for her instead.
Enjoy Hawaii for the rest of us enduring winter in Utah!

mom/caryn said...

You've been on vacation (what's the popular term?? mmm... Staycation. That's it. A vacation at home.

I've been on a hiatis of sorts.

It's good to catch up.

I'm so happy for you, Summer. Life just keeps getting sweeter for you two. And in no time at all it will officially be you three. WOW! What fun that will be!

Love the big belly, and the gorgeous quilt, all the other lil girly gifts, and the yummy treats.

Take care. We'll be seeing you soon. Yippie!

I'm gonna look to see what else I've missed on your site while I've been hiding under the blankets.

mel said...

it looks like you've been having so much fun. i miss y'all. michael would be so jealous to hear of all the stuff thad is doing. give me your address so i can send you something :)

TJand McCall said...

Oh how cute you are, im sad I couldn't have a baby shower for you:( but it looks like you had so much fun, i am glad your making friends!! I cant wait to see you at christmas, so I can give my presents to you, and see your sweet baby girl, I hope everything goes well, love ya much!!!