Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A baby update/34 weeks

Yesterday Thad and I went to the doctors and had a ultra sound done to see how the baby is doing. We are proud to announce that it's still a girl and she weighs 5lbs 1oz. We are so excited to meet her! The doc didn't have a printer hooked up to the ultrasound machine, so no pics this time. I know, I was disappointed too! So all you get is a updated pic of my belly.


Sid and Karen said...

You're getting so close! Enjoy every minute. They are so much fun when they get out, but so much easier to take care of when they are still in. Settled on a name yet??? Just wondering.

Trina said...

Look at you! You're looking so beautiful still. The perfect example of a pregnant woman. It's getting so close, we're all so excited to meet this little one. Can't wait!