Saturday, August 1, 2009

Orange Tree Frozen Yogurt

Thad and I discovered this place on our way home from a doctor visit one day. They have the BEST frozen yogurt. The idea is similar to a 7-11 slurpee. They have about 12 different flavors to choose from and you serve yourself, but they give you little cups so that you can sample flavors before choosing! You can sample every flavor if you want. Once, twice or three times! After you have picked your flavors they have a long table full of toppings which range in fresh fruit, oreos, cheesecake balls, cookie dough,sprinkles and syrups! I try to opt for the fruit toppings with nuts to keep it a little healthier, while Thad goes all out on his toppings. This was the first stop we made with my mom and Justin and the last before we took them to the airport! I HIGHLY recommend it.

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Aaron & Susan said...

WOW that looks so good. We definitely need to go there! And you need to stop by for some maternity clothes soon :)