Thursday, July 16, 2009

A few things I miss from Utah

I am feeling a little homesick today and wanted to post a few things that I am missing from Utah. I miss looking out our back kitchen window to a beautiful blossoming tree and I desperately miss waking up to my puppy asleep at the side of my bed with her head gently resting on a pillow. I miss the convenience of being able to get in my car for a 2 minute drive to be with my family. I miss the warmth and comfort of our first little home. I miss going on bike rides, long walks, hikes, and playing fetch with my two best friends. I miss watching Thad playing "monster" with Nala. I know that one day I will look back on Hawaii and probably make a post on what I am missing most about this beautiful island, but today, just for a moment, I miss home..


mom/caryn said...

This makes me want to shed a tear or two. All the sweet, tender, meaningful things that are a part of your life here are expected to be missed. Know that your life in Utah, and the people in it, miss you as well.

How's that little girl coming along?? Keeping you up at night or entertaining you with her high kicks?

Camille said...

Oh we miss you too!!! Nothing's worse than being homesick. I know I'm only up in Idaho, but I miss Utah a lot sometimes too. At least you have somewhere amazing to live to help sooth the sting right? :) My good friend told me that you won't feel at home anytime you move unless you 'bloom where you're planted'. I really like that. Sometimes you can't pick where you are, but you can decide if you're going to shrivel up and be something really depressing or if you are going to give your best effort to be happy and and make the best of wherever life plants you. I have to remind myself of that anytime I feel like running home. This is my home now, and it may be for a long while so I might as well make the very best of it and be happy while I'm here. I am absolutely sure that someday you will look back at Hawaii and miss it too.