Saturday, August 1, 2009

Paradise in Paradise

Having my mom and Justin here was the best vacation! We had so much fun with them! We had a bonfire on the beach roasted hot dogs and smores, they had a full day at Polynessian Cultural Center, shopping at the SWAT meet, Pearl Harbor, lunch over Pearl Harbor, experienced China Town, walked through Waikiki, dinner on the beach at sunset, experience the BYU-H ward, made brownies and homemade bread, played games and ate way too many otter pops, watched sunsets, went to all the beaches on North Shore, got famous Matsumoto's shaved ice, I taught Justin how to snorkel and talked and talked and talked! Almost every restaurant we went Justin would order a hamburger with fries. We were all ordering steak and chicken and Justin orders another hamburger. It was too funny. It was the best having family come to visit, especially my mom, since I am kinda a moma's girl. I am so blessed to have her as my mom. She did way too much for us when they were here. Thanks mom! Love you so much.


mel said...

i love how you have pic of me sleeping.....nice

Roslyn said...

LOve, Love, Love the blog. I havent had my computer line, but I have checked it from my blackberry. It is too complicated to leave a comment from my phone. But I have been keeping my self updated on your life. I just stole some pictures and will send them to Jordan. LOVE YOU and wish I could come visit... :(

Steve and Candice said...

Holy cow!! I didn't even recognize Justin! If I ran into him I wouldn't even know that was him. That is SO crazy! Sum, you and your mom look so much alike, I love the picture of you two together.