Wednesday, July 1, 2009

BABY showers

Of course as soon as both families found out that we are expecting they put together some awesome baby showers! Thanks so much everyone for all the cute clothes and great gifts! Our little one is spoiled already!


mom/caryn said...

Nah... you ain't seen nuthin yet! Just wait until she get's here and see what happens to your mom... and YOU!!! Buying baby girl things is addictive. I know that for a fact because I found a great deal on three little girl rompers and I just couldn't resist buying them for your baby. I'll take them to Trina's so you can pick them up when you come home for Christmas.

Trina said...

Thanks for the best surprise of the summer. It was wonderful, no, more than that, pure joy to have you guys home and especially the announcement of the new addition. Thanks!