Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Hunny~!

My amazing hubby turned the BIG 30 this past month so we had a great big family birthday party for him and his cousin Kacey. Jade made the most awesome cake! It was almost too pretty to eat! Almost. Love this pic of Rhett and Shea. Classic! I cannot believe how blessed I am to have Thad as my husband. He is always thinking of me before himself and ways to make me happy. He's so loving, patient and sweet with me. Thanks for all you do hunny. I am so blessed to have found my perfect match! Love you

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mom/caryn said...

I'd say that he's every bit as lucky as you are! That CAKE!! Can I just tell you how much I wish I could crawl through the computer and grab a BIG slice. Pretty enough for a picture? You bet. Too pretty to eat? Not in a millions years.

Happy 30th Thad. Your Auntie Caryn loves you more with each year. Imagine how much you'll be loved when you're 40. Eeeegads! Who can think of you ever being 40?