Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Nala!

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This is when we first got her. She's such a cute puppy!
All grown up playing up in Farmington Canyon.

Her most favorite thing is being wherever Thad is. These two are inseparable. I love it.

She is the best dog I know! She is so great with kids, letting them dress her up and playing with them. I can't wait until our daughter and her get to play together. I think about that all the time. Happy Birthday Nal! We wish we were home to celebrate it with you! Miss you and see you at Christmas, with a new family member for you to love and play with.


Karen Wade Photography said...

Awww, she seems like such a sweet dog.

Jade said...

Happy Birthday! My parents took her to Farmington Canyon for the big day, so she was in heaven today, but still missed you guys. Love ya!