Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Home Sweet Home

There was nothing better then being home with the whole family and just hanging out. We played rock band and had a huge breakfast Sunday morning. Nala wouldn't leave our side. After being home at the Stott's house for about a hour Thad, Shea, Lee and Dustin were just itching to play a competitive game of baci ball! In that moment I knew we were finally home.

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mom/caryn said...

Lee just can't seem to play any kind of game without his killer competitive side suddenly baring it's teeth. Well.. all of the Stott men are that way except Wayne and our boys. To them, a game is a game, winning is nice, losing is laughed at...

Isn't it great how a dog is completely loyal and doesn't hold any hard feelings for being left behind? They're the BEST. Well, okay, maybe not the best... but, definitely in the top three.

Family really does top them.