Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The bugs must LOVE us or something

Remember our termite attack back in our loft? Well the bugs must LOVE us here in Hawaii because one day after we moved in we both were itching like crazy and couldn't figure out why? At first we thought it was bed bugs, but I guess you can see bug beds really good and we didn't find anything. There were this crazy tiny little bugs coming in our window in the bathroom but they were so small we didn't think anything of it. Come to find out they are actually bird mites from a nest up in the attic and decided to move in with us and some of our neighbors! Our poor neighbors under us have a little baby and the baby was up all night crying and they didn't know why, the next morning the baby was covered in red bite marks. So sad! They are so small you can hardly see them. So we contacted the TVA Office and they got the nest out and are "working" on the problem. I'm not really sure what that means? Anyways, they are all over in our bathroom and bedroom. We can't sleep at night cause they are bitting us and making our skin crawl. We have washed everything and sprayed a special spray that's suppose to kill them, so we'll see how tonight goes! Wish us luck!

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mom/caryn said...

TWO YEARS!!! Gads! You guys have crossed over from newly weds to old married farts. How did that happen???

Okay, I have to say that I miss the views from the old place... but, it's so much nicer to live in the middle of all the fun! It's just such a shame that you guys don't look like you're having any.

Whassup with the rapper song? I wanna hear it. If only your new computer could sing, eh?

Thad looks like he could toss his little wrestling buddy around like so much lettuce in a salad bowl. YOU look adorable as usual...I can't believe you have your hair pulled back in a pony. Man, hard to believe it's grown so much.

Bird mites? What the heck are they? Do they come from the birds or the nests? I will most definitely wish you luck! I had some wierd itty bitty bites all over my face and in my hair that itched and wept and made me look swollen and lumpy for about two weeks. I was MISEARABLE!! So, I wish you lots of luck, indeed.

An extra hour of beauty sleep is always a good thing... I wonder if you've been sleeping or slapping invisable biting bird mites... Oh well... an extra hour together is nice no matter how you spend it... I think.

LOVE your posts!!! LOVE you two!!!

Auntie C...