Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tessa & Bryce

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mom/caryn said...

It just looks so odd to see people in shorts and flip flops.

We're still in flannel shirts and mud boots. Curses...

You make it mighty tempting to throw a sack of feed in the chicken coop, call on a neighbor to feed our trusty guard dog (guard dog... ho ho ha ha hee hee hee...hee... deep breath holding sides. that's a good one) But, I digress...
Your posts do make one lean towards hopping on Aloha Airlines and joining in the fun.

We'll hold that thought. Makes our snowy spring almost bearable.

Good times with kith and kin are the only things that I can seem to think are important as the aging process grasps me ever tighter in it's clutches. It's been such a delight to see how you enjoy family... and how you enjoy sharing the adventure and beauty available in your new home with them.

Keep on living your life just as you are, Summer. You and Thad have it right! God will bless you with all the dreams of your heart... in time. I'm so very proud of you both.