Sunday, February 1, 2009

SuperBowl Sunday

Sarah Beth enjoying the SuperBowl. =)

Clark Kent a.k.a. Shea Stott

Party at Shea's House


RoseAnna said...

I'm so jealous that you live in Hawaii!! I'll trade you straight up anyday! Cute blog, and I agree...blogging is way better than facebook!

Carrie and Shane said...

I agree with Sarah about Superbowl Sunday. Sundays are for naps more than football:) Also, I like Shea better as Clark Kent rather than 1970's mustache dude from Afghanistan.

mom/caryn said...

I second Carrie!!! I refer to it as the Stupor Bowl. And those crude, boorish commercials don't do anything to make it more entertaining for me. The food's good. But then I have to make it all... and clean it all up. What's wrong with this scenario???
I can't think of a time Wayne made me brownies or chips and dip to watch Dancing With the Stars. hmmmm... we may have to do some contract re-negotiation. ha ha ha ha hahahaha... fat chance.

Lynley said...

I'm crackin up at Aunt Caryn's "I can't think of a time Wayne made me brownies to watch dancing with the Stars" That is soooo true. We watched a little bit of the superbowl with some friends BUT the real fun came in the one hour OFFICE show that followed. The opening fire scene was one of the alltime funniest moments on TV. Laughed guts!

Anyways, so good to see you two in that tropical paradise Hawaii. I'm totally jealous. I want a tan, I want pineapple, I want surf. Instead, I have grey skies, and moss and Starbucks. oh well.

Way to take life by the horns though! I love it that you are doing this and I wish you the very best. You look like you are all having a wonderful, wonderful time.