Monday, February 16, 2009

President's Day Breakdown!

Monday was Presidents Day and the weather was suppose to be mostly cloudy, rainy and windy, so my hubby and I decided we would go to town for a few things we needed to pick up. On our way back our trusty $800 car broke down! We sat on the side of the road for about a hour before someone stopped to help us. We definitely don't live in Utah anymore! People here just aren't as nice. We eventually got it to our mechanics after being rescued by Shea and Sarah Beth (thanks guys!) We left at 1030 that morning and didn't make it home until 7! Talk about a horrible day off! After a few days we got it all fixed up for the low price of $140. Originally the mechanic had told us $300+, but after telling him we are poor college students he looked around for some used parts and was able to find some. We are so blessed!

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