Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Shea!

Seussical The Musical! Shea auditioned for this play before he came home at Christmas. He told us that he made the cut and we were so bummed that we were going to miss it! Little did we know that we would moving to Hawaii and would be able to come and support him! (We do have some parts of Shea in action on video, Thad will be getting that posted asap)

Today is Shea's birthday. Happy Birthday Shea! We want you to know how much we love and appreciate you! You are such a great example to us. It has been a blessing to come here and see all of the people who love you and how you've affected their lives. You always have a smile on your face and are doing your best to put one on others. Life is a party with you around! Lots of laughs and adventures! We are so blessed to have you in our family. We love you so much Bro!


Chandi said...

I second everything that was written here about Shea. He is a joyful spirit. Happy Birthday Shea! I gotta say the get-up looks fantastic. Can't wait for the video.

mom/caryn said...

Good grief... you can't even hide his good looks behind all that theatrical "guck" on his face.

Happy Birthday dear Shea...aaaaaay.
Happy birthday toooo yoooouuuu...

Shea is indeed a blessing to all of us. My kids adore him. But, keep in mind that so are Thad and Summer and Sarah. The Wayne Stott clan is nothing short of crazy about the Lee Stott clan. All of em!!!!! Every last one!!!!

J Black said...

I'm jealous that almost all of the Lee Stott clan are going to be in Hawaii at the same time! I wish we could come visit your new life in the islands (and not just for the sunshine and perfect beaches!).