Friday, February 20, 2009

Going away party

My mom just posted these pics on her blog so I had to steal them and put them on mine! We miss our families and our puppy so much! Trina and I were crying our eyes out. We love Hawaii and are having a wonderful experience, but it's bittersweet. Each time I see pictures like these it brings tears to my eyes and puts a pain in my heart. Miss you ALL!!


mom/caryn said...

It never ceases to amaze me how much we can getg attached to an animal. We're just totally hooked on Pogo. He's a somewhat homely little mutt... but, he can make very day more fun. I get unbelievable pleasure out of watching him and Wayne together. Just hanging out around the Hollow, building fences, chopping wood, taking the four wheeler out for a spin. They're such comrades.

So.... I know how hard it is to leave a puppy behind. I'll not make light of it. But, at least your hubby says good morning to you... first. He doesn't walk past you to scratch the dog's belly and talk some strange make believe language to him while you're making breakfast. If he wants someone to tag along with him... it'll be you.

Oh... wait a minute. You mean Thad did kiss you good morning before he played with Nala??? He did push your puppy aside to make room for you on the couch next to him? hmmmm.....

Remember... you are missed as much as you miss. But, this is an adventure to cling too. Wring the joy out of every moment. And keep on sharing. This si such fun! I love this chance to know more about you and to share in your wonderful life together!!

boandmarianne said...

Make lots of memories while you are in Hawaii, because before you know it you'll be crying because it's time to move back. Life is crazy and way too fast! I love all of your pics! Keep up the darling blog.