Sunday, February 1, 2009

6 Stories Straight up..... No Problem!

With a little coaxing from Shea, Sarah Beth and Thad (Ok. Ok. A LOT of coaxing) I climbed straight up 6 stories in The Bunkers. Remember how I said these Stott's are fearless? They are all trying to make me live up to my new last name. I'm working on it. Once up to the top there was all this crazy grafiti. The view was so amazing! We tried to take some pictures but it was midnight so they didn't turn out very well.


Chandi said...

We climbed up into an old WW11 bunker when I went to Hawaii many moons ago. It was all concrete with a small strip opening to put guns through.

Looks like you are living it up.

Trina said...

You notty kids!

mom/caryn said...

Becoming a Stott offered a few challenges for a couple of us. It's been a GREAT adventure. I can't think of any family I'd rather have adopt me!