Saturday, January 10, 2009

Every journey begins with the first step

Well for those of you who haven't heard let me fill you in on our lives since I've been so horrible at keeping my blog up to date! Opps! Thad and I have moved to Hawaii! It all happened very fast and very, very unexpected! It all started with a prompting that Thad received months and months ago to apply to BYU Hawaii. We thought no way! How could that ever work? We both had good jobs, a home, a baby....Ok well a puppy, but she's our baby, and our both of our families. The Lord works in mysterious ways. He paved the path for us to be here. Thad didn't even apply until two days before Christmas after losing his job with Oldcastle and having ankle surgery, on BOTH ankles! We thought it couldn't hurt to at least apply. What's the worst that could happen? Everything just feel right into place. He was accepted almost immediately. The program that he is going into is Instructional Technology and Design which isn't even offered in Utah. Then, Shea found a job for me, a place for us to stay, until we find a place to rent. Tickets to Honolulu were on sale for only $120, and both of our families were very supportive and also knew that it was the right thing for us. We packed up our home and sold almost all of our furniture, with some major help from our families and especially my mom, (thanks so much mom! We couldn't have done this without your help!) Sean, and Jordan, my bros, were a huge help also! Always offering to come help with whatever we needed with Nate and Roz's trailer. Then Rory, my big bro, offered his storage unit for us to keep all of our stuff in. To top it off BOTH of our parents will be watching ouR puppy Nala. (Who we already miss horribly! Love you Pooh Bear!) Oh! And thanks to EVERYONE who walks, plays and loves our dog! Especially Justin and Jordan. My family is so amazing! We are truly blessed to have them. Thads parents packed up our whole kitchen and Shea came and helped Thad get organized and load up the trailer. If it weren't for Shea and Sarah Beth none of this would have been possible. They have introduced us to so many people in Hawaii and just set everything into place for us. We are so grateful for there wonderful example and following the promptings of the spirit.
Alot of people have said, Wow your moving!!! So fast!!?? To Hawaii!! Oh well I don't feel so bad for you then. But the truth is, we left everything! We have only been married for a year and a half, we bought our first home, both had good careers, our families, our dog and were trying to start a family of our own. We were settled down. Don't get me wrong, Hawaii is amazing and we love it so much, but we definitely miss all that we left. People have asked us what made you decide to move to Hawaii. We didn't ever decide that, the Lord did. We are just following what he wants us to do. We love and miss all of you! Thanks for your love and support! I will keep this as up to date as possible and get some good pics up.


Chandi said...

I am proud of you both. We wish you the best. Enjoy yourselves. Now is a great time in your life for adventures such at this. We love you guys!

mom/caryn said...

I'm so sorry that I didn't get to come to your farewell reception! It all happened so FAST!!

Please know that you will be missed. I'm hoping that you'll be able to come back at least once a year to let us give you some hugs.

This is going to be one of the best memory making times in your life. Take lots of pix. Write your adventures down... it's amazing how much is forgotten with the passage of time and facing daily challenges. That translates to "blog OFTEN"!!

To the happiest of Ever Afters for one of my favorite couples.

Auntie Caryn

Carrie and Shane said...

Congrats to you guys. We've often contemplated moving to Hawaii. Who knows, maybe in a few months we'll join you too, just because there aren't enough Stotts in Hawaii.

Trina said...

Wow! Way to blog! Thanks, keep up the good work!