Sunday, January 18, 2009

Somewhere over the Rainbow & LOST

There are some exchange students staying with our friend, Shiloh who are here from Shanghi . They have never seen a rainbow or a shooting star. They thought those things only exsisted in fairy tales. If that's true, we must be living one!

Ok so Thad and I have never watched a LOST episode. We hear that they are so good and you get sucked right into them. We know how that is. Heroes, Prison Break, The Office. That's probably why we haven't ever watched it. I don't think we had any room in our lives for another series, and definatly don't now! But, we still wanted to see where they film the show. So, Shea and Sarah Beth took us over to the other side of the island, we walked down the beach a mile or so, and there it was! We talked with the security guard and took some pics. Pretty cool!

On our long walk to see the LOST set, we saw this fisherman with the sun hitting the water at just the right angle and Shea walking in front of us. We love this pic!

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mom/caryn said...

Gosh! It's no wonder you love that pic. It's postcard pretty. And the best part of it is that Thad's baby brother is in it.

I'm guessing that you guys like it over there.