Sunday, January 18, 2009

A day at the Beach!

Thad hates just laying around on the beach.. (Can you relate Dad?) So he finds things to do. He didn't have his snorkel gear so Thad and Titus set out on a adventure to dig up the biggest crab they could find. Then they decided to make a cage for it. Good thing these two boys have each other!


mom/caryn said...

Ahhh.... at last. There's that goodlookin couple. Why in the world would your hubby want to play with a crab when he could be hugging his cute wite, huh?

It really is sad that you two had to move to that island paradise. You could have stayed here and faced these single digit temperatures with the rest of us. Oh well... our gas prices are lower than yours. But then again... you have that scrumptious fresh pineapple. I don't care how hard I try I am not gonna be able to stop being envious.

Jade said...

I am sorry it has taken me so long to comment. I have been following your blog but it isn't always the easiest to make a comment when I have a 14 month climbing all over me.

Anyway, I love it! thanks so much for keeping us updated. It kills us to be so out of the loop.. I am glad you finally got a picture of you and Thad. Will you get one of Shea and Sarah now? :)

I am so glad you guys are living a fairy tale. You deserve it!

Camille said...

Ok I am so with your mom on that one. I am trying really hard not to be jealous but seriously I am!

josh and karah said...

how cute are you guys!