Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dusty and Tessa lost at a game of cards, so the consequence... cold water. Well, at least that's what we thought, until Lee confessed to cheating! Lee... Cheating?? No, NEVER!! They were pretty upset with him after he confessed. Lee's punishment for cheating was to jump into the water, but he wouldn't! Oh don't worry, we'll get him!
Me, Sarah Beth and Jade at a beautiful overlook of a breathtaking waterfall.
Me and my amazing hubby at the same waterfall

Taterbug with Uncle Thad. Aren't they adorable together? We love Tate so much and can never get enough of him!

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mom/caryn said...

I'm thinking that it was more than luck that brought you such an amazing man for tyour cute hubby. I'm thinking you deserve him.

So... the Stott's have won you over to their brand of outdoors enjoyment. Hike til the soles of your shoes fall off, eat til ... well, til forever ends, because the food supply will NEVER end.
Lots of pictures, lots of laughs, a water source whenever possible, games, games, games...

Pretty great memories are being made.