Monday, June 23, 2008

Sunset at the top of Farmington Canyon

Thad and Nala. These two are best friends! Nala follows Thad around the house everywhere he goes!
Family Pic! A few nights ago we went to Farmington Ponds to have a picnic and just couldn't get enough, so we went up again to watch the sunset at the top of the canyon. It was so beautiful.
Can you tell how much we love her?!
View from the top of Farmington Canyon. Thad takes the most amazing pictures

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mom/caryn said...

WOW!!! What else is there left to say?! What gorgeous shots! Thad really does have a gift with the camera. I love reading about you two and your hairy little girl with the rather large snout. So... keep the good times rolling and keep on sharing them with your fans!