Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hiking Adventures in Zion

This is a pic of Thad and I right before we hiked up to Menu Falls. It was getting later in the day and finally a little bit cooler then 100 degrees!
We hiked up to Emerald Pools. It was so beautiful and peaceful. Places like this always seems to humble me and help me remember why we are all here, to enjoy life and each other! I have no idea how I was blessed with such an amazing husband and awesome inlaws! We love the Stott family! Now I can finally start to be a part of all the famous camping stories and hikes!

We took this picture while we were hiking Keyhole. This hike isn't nearly as long as Orderville hike, which is only 10 miles long, not bad. YEAH RIGHT! It was very technical. I got to experience swimming in the coldest water I've ever been in, repel down a rock and almost jump to my death! Never a dull moment on this trip!
Shea took this pic of Thad and I right as the sun was setting. It was so beautiful!!!


Chandi said...

Love the last two pics especially. Man the Lee Stott family is so full of adventure.

Sarah Beth said...

Summer lovin, cute blog! I love it! Wasn't Zion's just so much fun? Oh and we don't know how we were blessed with an amazing in law like you too! You're the best! And it was so fun camping with you. Aren't you glad they talked us into Keyhole? :)

mom/caryn said...

There are walks through the canyons, there are summer hikes, and then there are STOTT hikes! Killer, aren't they? But, oh so fun! You're building some terrific memories... Love the pics! Love to see you back blogging and sharing some of your experiences with us.