Monday, June 23, 2008

Family Night at Farmington Pond

We decided to go have a picnic one night at Farmington Ponds. So we took Nala and invited Kirby and Brian to come with us. It was so much fun! We ate sandwiches and Doritos by the pond and Thad threw a tennis ball in the water to see if Nala would go in after it. And sure enough she did! It was so funny to watch her swim for the first time.
Thad giving Nala a drink.
My silly hubby!
Its amazing to me how much I love my puppy. I've always heard people talk about how much they love their dogs, but I never really understood it, until now.


mom/caryn said...

Don't tell me Nala is your first puppy! Hasn't she opened up a whole new world to you?! It's really a kick to watch the Stott men with their dogs. I don't know what it is... Thad and Lee and Dustin and Wayne and Dallin... so many of them just are like "dog whisperers"... They seem to almost mesmerize their animals. I love our little mutt, too... and he is so sweet with me... but, Pogo and Wayne are a sight to behold! I really get so much pleasure out of watching them around the farm together. It's comical and wonderous and cute. There's nothing quite like a "Golden"...and Nala's a beauty!

Andrea said...

Hi Summer,

Thanks for the comment on our blog. We'll have to take Sophie up Farmington Canyon soon. I saw you guys at church last Sunday. We usually sit in the overflow so we can watch more people. Maybe we'll see you on Sunday!