Tuesday, April 8, 2008


This 4th of July we are thinking about planning a long weekend trip down to Zions National Park. I have never been before. I know! That's why we have to go! So if anyone's interested let us know. It'll be me, Nala and my cute hubby! And I hope you all are proud of me for keeping our blog up to date! The only thing I'm missing is Sushi night with the Hot Stott's. Cali, hurry and send me some pictures!



mom/caryn said...

I wish I could say, "Count us in!" but...
A: I don't know what Wayne's plans are...
B: Are the old guys included in your invitation? Wayne is fun to hike with. I, on the other hand, snake along behind the hikers and eat oranges, take off my shoes and play in the water, take pictures of the flowers. I'm not into the
"It's not a hike if it isn't hard and doesn't hurt your body" line of reasoning. Frankly, I just don't get the way the Stott men like to recreate.

Be sure and see the Kolob portion of the park, It's included in your pass and it's BEAUTIFUL!! Really, it's one of my favorite parts of Zion. Hardly anyone ever goes there. It has a couple of really good hikes... for a few hours or an overnighter. It's not like hiking the subway... it's just pretty with some great destination spots. At least drive through it. It's near New Harmony.
And... if you really want to see how breat the views of Kolob are... take the New Harmony off ramp at the Texaco Station and drive west about four or five miles til you come to the city cemetary. Then turn around and look. It's pretty spectacular. You can't see it from the freeway.. but, it's one of the best shots of Zion National Park.

Jade said...

Um yeah Dust hasn't really been either, he drove it once when he was young but he doesn't have a clue, so anyway what I am getting at is, can we come!? Oh and I love the pics from the hair show! Those look awesome. It is fun to have an inside look on what you do! Oh and hello I love your hair!! It looks so good!

And yes, I agree with Caryn about the view from the New Harmony cemetery. I especially appreciate that view in the morning. To die for!

Chandi said...

Zion!!!! What a beautiful place. Kolob is sensational! A must see! I hope you enjoy it. The nice thing is there are hikes for all kinds of hikers from the "Stott men" to the "Caryns" of this world.

Chandi said...

Hi summer,
Thanks for commenting on my blog. It's fun to get to know you better through here. I st my blog to private. Send me your email address so I can add you to the members. My email is chandeee@msn.com